Why I Use The Pronoun They

I’ve spoken about this in interviews and in person about my support for the singular-they as a gender neutral pronoun before, but an email I got prompted me to write a full response that I wanted to share with you all. So, here’s the question, as well as my answer.

Note: Current usage is transgender, […]

My First Book Tour!

Last month, I had the privilege and pleasure of traveling around New England and the Mid-Atlantic with GEORGE. I got to share Melissa’s story with children, adults, and folks in-between at:

11 public events 3 school events 7 meals with librarians, teachers, booksellers, and other VIPs 15 bookstore drop-in stock signings

I presented before my […]

Guest Blog Post at GayYA

Visit GayYA for my recent guest blog post, Clearing Paths In Middle Grade Fiction, about the issue of “age-appropriateness” of trans issues in children’s literature. Basically, I say “uh, yeah, it’s age-appropriate for people who are figuring out who they are to to read about other people figuring out who they are. But, like, with […]