Pronouns Mean Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

People have been goofing on my name and pronouns since I started telling people what they were almost twenty years ago. (Let’s be real, people have been goofing on my pronouns since I was born, but that’s for another day.) Twenty years of apologies. It’s gotten old.

At one extreme, there’s the overstrained and beleaguered […]

Killed Darling, Meet The Internet

I’m deep in revisions on book 2, and sloughing off irrelevant words. The tone of this piece no longer matches my story, but given that I have this outlet here, it’s too cute not to share. So, I give you a sneak peek of something that will NOT be in my next middle grade novel!! […]

Stonewall Acceptance Speech

Here’s a close approximation of the speech I gave at ALA on Monday, June 27, 2016 on accepting the first ever Children’s Stonewall Award:

Good morning! I’m honored that you’re here. I’m honored that I’m here. First a few thank yous:

To the Stonewall Committee, especially the Children’s & Young Adult Sub-Committee, and to […]

Pulse Nightclub

A minimum of 103 shots were fired. Probably more. Probably lots more.

How long was the music still playing before the DJ noticed? How many people were still dancing as they were shot?

In about a minute, I said, and someone felt the need to correct me on my facts.

No more shootings, I pleaded, […]

GEORGE is a stand-alone title

One of the questions I’ve been fielding a lot lately is “will there be a sequel to GEORGE?” The short answer is NO. I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while, but this email I wrote to a read covered it pretty well so I’m going to pilfer from myself:

Thanks for […]

Poem: That Weird Kid

Every once in a while a poem-like thing comes out of my fingers. They tend to take me by surprise, since I consider myself a prose person who doesn’t get into poetry too much. But thought I’d share what happened this morning.


That Weird Kid


You know the one.

With her nose in […]

Writing On The Road!

Big and exciting news: I’m buying an RV later today! It’s a 1996 Rialta Winnebago. 22′ long, drives like a van, VW engine, full-size bed, two burner stove, fridge, heater and AC, self-contained bathroom. The works. It even has a solar panel already installed! And a back up camera! Here are some photos of a […]

Why I Use The Pronoun They

I’ve spoken about this in interviews and in person about my support for the singular-they as a gender neutral pronoun before, but an email I got prompted me to write a full response that I wanted to share with you all. So, here’s the question, as well as my answer.

Note: Current usage is transgender, […]

My First Book Tour!

Last month, I had the privilege and pleasure of traveling around New England and the Mid-Atlantic with GEORGE. I got to share Melissa’s story with children, adults, and folks in-between at:

11 public events 3 school events 7 meals with librarians, teachers, booksellers, and other VIPs 15 bookstore drop-in stock signings

I presented before my […]

Guest Blog Post at GayYA

Visit GayYA for my recent guest blog post, Clearing Paths In Middle Grade Fiction, about the issue of “age-appropriateness” of trans issues in children’s literature. Basically, I say “uh, yeah, it’s age-appropriate for people who are figuring out who they are to to read about other people figuring out who they are. But, like, with […]